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Theta Consulting, established in 2003, is a structural engineering firm located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Owner and president, Tim Franklin, has over fifteen years of consulting experience and fabrication experience. "Hands-on" experience has been an important part of Tim's professional development which affords a sense of reality to project solutions

Tim Franklin graduated from Virginia Tech with degrees in building construction and civil engineering. After graduation Tim joined TOMCAT, USA, a frontrunner in aluminum fabrication serving the entertainment industry. Tim then joined Stagecraft, a set construction company whose clients included Vince Gill, ZZ top and KISS. Seeking broader and more technical experience, Tim joined Geiger Engineers where he grew to become an Associate. Working at Geiger allowed Tim to combine his knowledge of the demands of the challenging entertainment industry with his growing technical knowledge. Seeking a change of venue, Theta Consulting was formed.


Krista Schnitzler joined Theta in 2009 with a background in marketing and operations. After working in the insurance industry and the corporate world, she was ready to actually see what she was contributing to. Managing the business side has proven to be an ever-changing puzzle with new opportunities at every turn.  Never one to enjoy physics and formulas in her spare time, she has come to appreciate the art of engineering design.


Dan Louis joined Theta Consulting in March of 2012 and brought with him three years of structural design experience spent mostly in the heavy construction/bridge industry.  He also brought with him his Keurig machine which has greatly improved the office morale. Dan was intrigued by Theta Consulting’s wide range of interesting projects in their portfolio and was lucky enough to be brought on as a full time employee. After deciding that 25 years of life in New Jersey was long enough, Dan was also interested in Theta’s proximity to his family and friends in Bucks County, PA.  Since joining the firm, Dan has enjoyed the day to day challenges of working in a busy firm with many varied projects on its plate, and is grateful for the opportunity to gain experience in several aspects of structural engineering. Dan aims to be a reliable, loyal asset and looks forward to providing our clients with the timely and efficient service they deserve. Dan has adjusted nicely to the ways of life and severe traffic problems in Eastern PA and is enjoying life with his wife Allison.


Theta's staff is rounded out with English Bulldogs who are passionate about the supervision of the owners. Thatcher grew up in the firm and has proven to be very adept with product testing and destruction. Pelham, the newest associate, is energetic and client focused – providing  a warm reception for all. They all look forward to working with clients' new challenges.

Edison, the senior mainecoon associate, had been with the Tim since his days in Texas and was intimately involved in all Tim's years of experience. Edison has recently begun a new adventure. Boutros, the senior bulldog associate, started with Tim when the firm began in 2003, bringing
his seven years of experience to the table.
Bou has since moved on to new ventures.





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